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20 Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Next Open House or Showing

If there's one thing most people can agree on, it's that properly preparing and staging your home before an open house or showing can make a big difference in the impression it leaves on potential buyers.

You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

A few small details can make all the difference, and don't forget:

Everyone who visits your home is either a potential buyer or knows someone who might be.

With technology use on the rise when searching for new homes (especially with first-time buyers), it's easy to overlook the importance of a good-old-fashioned, well thought out open house or buyer showing.

Make sure you follow these tips and tricks to maximize the effectiveness and attractiveness of your next showing:
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  1. Curb appeal
    • Mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and make your home stand out from the crowd on your street. Curb appeal is your home's very first impression and will leave a lasting mark on the rest of the showing.
  2. Clear out & clean walkways and doors leading to/from the home. 
    • Consider giving your front door a mini-makeover. Paint and clean to greet buyers with a sign of things to come inside.
  3. Take out the trash
    • Put away unsightly garbage cans/recycling.
  4. Secure your valuables.
    • Most important to lock up should be jewelery, electronics, and any paperwork with personal or financial information.
  5. Put away keys and other personal items for safekeeping.
  6. Check the thermostat
    • Make sure the home is comfortable, should the heat or air conditioning be turned on?
  7.  Clean up your bathroom
    • Make sure it is spotless and smell-free!
    • Speaking of smells...
  8. Consider baking something tasty before a showing
    • Chocolate chip cookies anyone?
  9. AND/OR put out some fresh cut flowers
  10. Take down any extra family/personal pictures. 
    • Buyers can have a hard time seeing past personal touches. Make them feel like this could be THEIR home, not yours.
  11. Remove magnets, letters, art and clutter from your refrigerator.
  12. While you're at it, Clean Out The Fridge!
    • Yep, buyers are gonna look there too. May as well make it clean and tidy.
  13. Clear off the counter tops
    • Any appliances, cups, etc. should be put away to maximize the available counter space.
  14. Turn on all the lights
    • People love bright, airy spaces
  15. Make sure all the lights work
    • If they don't, be sure to replace the bulbs beforehand to improve the look of your interior.
  16. Open the windows!
    • Open blinds, curtains and shades to let in as much natural light as possible.


  1. Put away any extra furniture.
    • Excess furniture can make your home seem crowded or smaller than it actually is.
  2. Remove/store your everyday items.
    • Things like dishes, shoes/coats, mail, etc. should all be put away somewhere.
  3.  Put away all personal toiletries.
    • No matter your choice in toothpaste, shampoo, or shaving accessories potential buyers do not want to see things like this taking up space in your bathroom
    • Don't have a drawer? Consider getting a couple of baskets to store things neatly and place on your existing shelves.
  4. Consider a storage locker.
    • Although they can be expensive, a storage locker will allow you a place to store those things which might be taking up extra space but which you can't bear to part with. 
    • A storage locker is ideal for larger items as well, like the extra furniture we just mentioned!
There are always plenty of other ideas for making a home show as well as possible, whether for an open house, a potential buyer showing, or a realtor tour.

What are your Open House/Showing secret weapons?

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